Aristotle once said,

"The search for truth is in one way hard and in another easy. For it is evident that no one can master it fully nor miss it wholly. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature and from all the facts assembled these arises a certain grandeur."

Welcome: An Introduction

Setting: Starbucks
Katrina enters Starbucks, aproaches the front cash, orders a grande white chocolate mochachino, and waits for it to be served. Meanwhile she scans the cafe and spots Mr. Barry in a crisp new gecko blouse (custom fit) from Malaysia. As he sips on his wild sweet orange tazo tea, Katrina notices that he is reading the preface of The Science of Everyday Life. Since he is having a hard time with the technical writing style Jay Ingram posseses, Katrina decides to give him an introduction of her own...

In the novel, The Science of Everyday Life, Jay Ingram attempts to answer all of those questions that everyone ponders but no one looks into. The experiments described in this novel are very interesting and are hard evidence of the many theories explained. Since there were 26 chapters that weren't all that interesting, I chose the 10 best ideas to share with all of my viewers. Enjoy!

Sex and the Single Armrest

I was recently fortunate enough to travel by air to St.Petersberg, Florida this March break. In this day and age, it is a well known fact that you have to pay for any additional perks when you travel. Perhaps the airline should consider adding a surcharge for the use of the armrest because the sense of entitlement to personal space has increased and can or cannot be considered important to some people. Recent studies have shown that males have a preference over females when it comes to using the armrest. In fact the study clearly showed statistics indicating that men were three times as likely to have possession of the armrest over women. There doesn’t seem to be any scientific reason for men to behave this way and this study seemed to only be conducted around airline travel. One’s personal space is definitely compromised when you think about travelling on a busy subway in a busy city. As mentioned in this chapter, it is funny how we tend to need certain types of personal space, and how we deal with it differently in different situations. For example, when on a subway train, people can be in contact with us all around, but our mind shifts to viewing these people as objects rather than people who are invading our personal space. We deal with this type of invasion better than we would on an airplane where it is a constant fight for the armrest. I personally believe that it has more to do with comfort and how it is a natural reaction of the human body to use the armrest. I sort of disagree with Ingram when he says that it has to do with male dominance. I believe it has to do with who gets it first or who is more polite. Maybe women are more considerate when it comes to the armrest. Also, maybe you should think twice about getting up out of your seat because if you had the armrest when you left, you’re definitely out of luck when you get back.

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