Aristotle once said,

"The search for truth is in one way hard and in another easy. For it is evident that no one can master it fully nor miss it wholly. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature and from all the facts assembled these arises a certain grandeur."

Welcome: An Introduction

Setting: Starbucks
Katrina enters Starbucks, aproaches the front cash, orders a grande white chocolate mochachino, and waits for it to be served. Meanwhile she scans the cafe and spots Mr. Barry in a crisp new gecko blouse (custom fit) from Malaysia. As he sips on his wild sweet orange tazo tea, Katrina notices that he is reading the preface of The Science of Everyday Life. Since he is having a hard time with the technical writing style Jay Ingram posseses, Katrina decides to give him an introduction of her own...

In the novel, The Science of Everyday Life, Jay Ingram attempts to answer all of those questions that everyone ponders but no one looks into. The experiments described in this novel are very interesting and are hard evidence of the many theories explained. Since there were 26 chapters that weren't all that interesting, I chose the 10 best ideas to share with all of my viewers. Enjoy!

When the Lavatory Becomes a Laboratory

When studying any human behaviour habits, apparently the best place to do so is the bathroom. Some interesting facts in this chapter that I would like to share are that men are really awkward in bathrooms, people don’t wash their hands when they are alone in a public bathroom, and the toilet seat is the cleanest part of a public bathroom. It has always been a mystery to me what a man does when someone he knows is peeing beside him. Do you talk to them? Say “what’s up?” Hold a conversation? Act like they’re not there? It has been proven that this stress of peeing beside someone creates a delay in your pee. A normal urination lasts 4.9 seconds. When someone is one urinal away, the urination lasts 6.2 seconds, and when a man is shoulder to shoulder, 8.4 seconds! That accounts for almost doubles the amount of time it should take to urinate. Secondly, washing your hands has been recorded to be just a performance! When an observer was sitting in the lounge of a public washroom in view of each person, they recorded that 18 out of 20 people washed their hands. Now when the observer hides in a stall with their feet up and an out of order sign on the door, only 3 of 19 people washed their hands. Who knew social status was more important than hygiene. Thirdly, are you that person who lays out toilet paper before sitting on the seat? Well, the only possible disease you can get is a rash, which is highly unlikely. After many tests, the walls and surfaces have the most bacteria. In fact, the toilet seat was the cleanest between the devices in the kitchen and bathroom. Some may say this information is useless, but we experience these situations everyday and they are pretty vital situations.

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